1 c raw unrefined shea butter
2/3 c coconut oil
20 drops Myrrh essential oil
30 drops Carrot Seed essential oil
20 drops Lavender essential oil
(optional) 2 tbsp zinc oxide powder ( a couple of tablespoons per cup of oil/moisturizer) (Be sure not to inhale.)


  1. Mix raw unrefined shea butter with coconut oil with a mixer on medium speed until it looks whipped and creamy. (Add in optional zinc oxide powder and mix well.)
  2. Add in essential oils. Blend together on low speed.
  3. Place sunscreen in a glass jar with a lid.

(Minimal) SPF Breakdown:

Raw unrefined shea butter: 5 SPF
Coconut oil: 6 SPF
Carrot Seed essential oil: 28 SPF
Myrrh essential oil: 15 SPF
(Lavender essential oil: Great for soothing and repairing skin)

*Carrot Seed oil is an antioxidant and protects skin cells naturally. Aside from making sunscreen with this oil the medicinal benefits are amazing. It is great for digestive issues and for healthy joints. (1)

*Myrrh essential oil also has powerful cleansing properties. It also promotes a healthy and smooth complexion, while promoting emotional balance. (2)

*Lavender essential oil is known for its calming effects on skin irritation, its soothing properties, and its ability to restore skin. (3)

Additional Notes:

*This great D. I. Y. recipe is NOT waterproof. Please reapply as needed.

*I recommend you reapply this sunscreen every two hours.

*This recipe makes an overall SPF of 28. However, please note that, as with any D. I. Y. recipe, the science will not be an exact match as products purchased in a store that have been industrially made and scientifically scrutinized. Please use caution and test this on yourself on a less sun-intensive day before using it on your fair-skinned child or baby. Though there is less of an exact science behind this recipe, the benefits of a toxic-free and chemical-free sunscreen far outweigh the risks, though.


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