About Angel

Angel is a stay-at-home mother to twin preschool-aged boys and a toddler princess. She considers her roles as mother and wife to be her highest callings and priorities, outside of her role as a daughter of God. She also is passionate about  homeschooling her smart children!

Angel loves variety, laughter, and fun! She is passionate about learning how to love life and being a shining example of the joy of the Lord. Her favorite past-times include singing, reading, writing, learning, hanging out with people she loves, cooking, and being outside in nature.

Angel used to struggle with endometriosis, depression (off and on), and ADHD. But God in his mercy has healed her! She is now passionate about helping others learn that they can be healed. She believes that holistic healing is the best approach to take for true transformation.

Angel is educated in theology and earned a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. She sees the world through a perspective of how God is involved in every little detail and cares deeply for all of his creation. She also used to be a nanny and a teacher and adores children and families!


5 Ways To Bounce Back After Pregnancy

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