I have not blogged in a very long time! Life got so busy, and as my responsibilities increased, blogging (and writing in general) took a seat on the back-burner. I am still very busy, but I have more space to ‘breathe’ again. My baby is now a toddler, and I’m sleeping through the night again. I’m also really healthy now that I have had my surgery (which I will write about very soon)!

I had given myself a goal of writing a new blog post every third Wednesday of the month as a starting point of getting back into writing. In addition, I’ve added journaling back into my schedule. As of a couple of weeks ago, I’ve begun to read old journals and write in a current one for about 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoons.

All this to say, I have determined to take baby steps this year. For a while I’ve been waiting until life calmed back down to find my voice in my world of influence (outside of my family and friends). What I’m beginning to realize is that as a homeschooling mom to three and a full-time mother to four young kids, I may not have a calm season for a little while. But that doesn’t mean that the gifts and passions God has given me need to be limited to my family and friends. It simply means that my ambitions need to begin smaller.

The reason I’m writing this today is in hopes of inspiring my readers to think of goals you’d like to accomplish that have felt out of reach or overwhelming to you. Now, spend some time in prayer about them. Ask God to bring clarity to you about how He wants you to use your time. (Personally, I spent several months praying and strategizing through a game plan before I put anything in to action.)

After spending time in prayer and strategizing, start your goals! Start with a humble beginning. Do not wait until you can do things perfectly or have it all figured out. Simply begin, and God will help you improve as you give him your humble beginnings. This year, I’ve decided to reopen my Life With Angel YouTube Channel and Life With Angel Blog and to begin a new Life With Angel Podcast. But I’m not waiting until I have all my ducks in a row. I’m just allocating three hours per week toward these goals because that is what I have to give right now.

So to help in sanity and simplicity, let’s review these steps. I hope this is helpful!

Four Baby Steps Toward Acheiving Big Goals

  • 1. Pray to God for wisdom and ask Him to guide your steps in strategizing time management. Take as long as you need for this step. Holy Spirit will prompt your spirit when it’s time to move on to step number 2.


  • 2. Make a specific plan. Plan specific days / times to implement your goals. For example, I have allocated Wednesday afternoons from 2-5pm to work on my new goals. After allocating that, I then broke it up and decided to work on my YouTube channel the first Wednesday of the month, my Podcast the second Wednesday of the month, my Blog the third Wednesday of the month, and a newsletter the fourth Wednesday of the month. This way I have specific goals that aren’t too detailed to cause stress, but they are detailed enough to create a sense of order and concreteness. (You may not have that much time, but begin with what you have.)


  • 3. Practice discipline and commit to your plan (as long as it’s in your control to do so—and relax and surrender when it’s out of your control and plans change). If you’re like me, you may still feel overwhelmed with your new goals at first. It may be tempting to put them off if they aren’t immediate needs to tackle. But just hunker down and get started. That is how I was today. This is my first time writing in a very long time. I did not even know what I wanted to write about. But as I began this goal, words started to flow. Starting is always the hardest. So just practice discipline, and soon enough it will get easier and turn into something you look forward to!


  • 4. Always keep in mind the need to take baby steps. For example, I have a goal of writing a book. Well, I am not going to write a book until I get more into the practice of writing. So I am taking about thirty minutes per week to just write in a journal. This is better than not writing at all and waiting until I have tons of free time. The same is true for my blog posts. I am not setting out to write my most wonderful and elaborate blog post today. I am just writing what is on my heart since I had determined to write today. It’s OK if you only take one baby step at a time.

Remember how a baby learns oh-so-slowly how to roll, then crawl, then walk. And the first baby steps are usually very wobbly and unstable. When a baby preservers, however, that child will be running before you know it! The same is true for us. If we dedicate our work and our work ethic to the Lord, He will be our loving Father cheering us on as we totter toward His loving arms. He will also be there to cheer us on when we begin to run!



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