A couple of weeks ago, my family had a scare. My first family member, Bracey, whom I adopted back in 2009, had several unexpected seizures, with one being a lengthy 5-10 minutes. I’m so thankful to say that she appears to be herself and on the road to recovery and health, once again!

When Bracey was first systematic, I did some research, David tapped into his brilliant mind of knowledge, and he also contacted a holistic vet he’s friends with. (Shout-out to Dr. Marlene Siegel!) (I’d also like to give a shout-out to David’s friend, Rodney Habib, expert on pet cancer!)

We strategized together, and ultimately, I trusted David’s wisdom and expertise. We took Bracey to our local vet and had some blood work done on her. Her blood work came back great! So we narrowed it down to the likely cause being either a brain tumor or ingestion of something toxic.

David put Bracey on a cancer protocol. We now feed her raw eggs, a superfood for pets our friend is about to put on the market, coconut milk, raw cows milk, and ground up apricot seeds and sprouted pumpkin seeds. It looks awful, but Bracey seems to love it!

David also put her on some CBD oil for pets and an anti seizure herbal supplement for pets. THIS link has a 15% off coupon in it if you want to try these natural pet supplements.

In addition, for the first couple of weeks after her seizures, Bracey got into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber with David. We monitored her closely, and we gave her extra tender loving care. David also continues to give Bracey regular adjustments with a special, gentle instrument.

We noticed that her seizures stopped as soon as these holistic treatments began. For a few days, she had a few ‘ticks’, and she seemed disoriented. She also seemed scared, and her senses were off. She would not even chase her beloved tennis ball! She also had several accidents in the house for two days following her seizures.

But after those initial few days, all of her symptoms dissipated! Now, she seems to be doing wonderfully! She’s acting like her usual self, as her body is healing naturally from whatever caused her problems.

We believe in natural health and practice what we preach! It’s been powerful and effective in our dear Bracey’s life! We thank God, who alone is the true Healer.


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