Life is all about change and being malleable to what God has for us. My life has changed so drastically in the past couple of years. I went from being a single thirty-something year old renting an apartment to a married mother of identical twin boys in a suburban home in the blink of an eye! I am actually now counting down the days till we will purchase a mini-van! Ha! I used to say I’d NEVER drive a mini-van. Oh how life changes!

This past Sunday, my pastor talked about his recent short-term experience in India. He performed a wedding there and spent time with a lady he and his wife led to Christ many years ago. She is now a missionary who takes in orphans off the streets and those who are unwanted by their families. The sermon was about making sure we are living out the purpose for which God has called us. It sparked something in my heart.

See, for years, I had a passion for orphans, and I strongly felt God had placed a calling upon my heart to help orphans in some capacity.

Since meeting my wonderful husband, my passion has faded into the background. It’s not died. But it has not been pursued or prioritized. My husband and I give a small donation to a great charity called Show Hope every month. But that has been it.

In the meantime, I’ve grown to become passionate about what my husband is passionate about: helping people get healthy. Toward this end, I recently joined a movement called Beautycounter, whose mission is to get safe beauty (and children’s) products into the hands of everybody. (For more on that topic, read this article I wrote HERE.)

As of a few days ago, I believe God is trying to reawaken my passion for orphans, and I am trying to pray through this and figure out how it’s supposed to fit into my life. Can any of you relate with these feelings? “How does God want to use me?”, “What purpose does God have for my life at this time?”, “How can God use little me?”, or “How do all these passions line up together?” These are some of the questions going through my mind at this time.

I wanted to include you in on my journey. I don’t know where I will land. But I know I am moving forward somehow. Having two babies of my own, time is limited right now, and I don’t feel comfortable traveling without my boys overnight yet. So I am considering my viable options. I’m praying about the possibility of putting part or all of my profits I make with Beautycounter toward an organization I believe in that helps orphans. I’m also wondering if there is a way I can occasionally minister to orphaned children.

So that is what is new—and yet not so new—with me.

I’ll keep my readers posted as I figure out how God’s Spirit leads!


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