Yesterday, we experienced our first real scare as parents. It was a good reality check and humbling process. Our children truly are our best treasures, and nothing compares to them in the whole world. We were reminded to not take their health for granted, and to be grateful for each moment! We were also reminded that, as parents, we just do our best, and trust God with the rest.

David got injured at the playground. It looked a lot worse at first, as a lot of blood was gushing out of his forehead, so I called 911 just to be cautious. The paramedics said he’d be OK, but he’d need stitches, and the kind men wrapped his head to help staunch the blood. (It was neat to see how quickly most of the bleeding stopped, though, just by David’s intelligent body knowing to clot!)

I was SO proud of Joshua! He showed compassion and was truly concerned for his brother. He gave him a hug and kiss, and Daddy said he cried on his drive home until he FaceTimed with his brother. After that, he was happy and fell right asleep for his nap.

Meanwhile, I drove David to a local urgent care. They did a great job of stitching David up! And David was SO brave!!! They couldn’t believe he is only 2 years old! He was a champ and patient and so cooperative!

Our sunshine treasures are the delight of our souls. ☀️ ☀️

After 48 hours have passed, we plan to use organic rosehip seed oil on his scar (, along with lavender essential oil ( diluted with coconut oil around the wound. We also will make sure he eats collagen (, which helps repair skin damage. We’ll alternate using DoTERRA’s Correct-X, which is similar to Neosporin, but without the bad chemicals. Finally, I’ll let David have one arnica homeopathic tablet, two times per day, to help reduce bruising and swelling ( And of course we will pray to God, who is the only true Healer.


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