Hi! This is from a post I put up on my Life With Angel Facebook page earlier this morning.

I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA on here this past quarter year! Where does the time go? I hope you enjoy this heart-felt read. I appreciate each of you!

Full disclosure: I used to think “conspiracy theorists” were nuts and delusional about five years ago. I still think many of them are. But I also think that many are actually just seekers of truth. Once you know something, you can’t unknow it. I began to be willing to question the status quo on many topics.

Here I am today. I am a highly educated woman with a Masters in Theology. You earn that type of degree by learning how to do critical research, writing, and sound argumentation. And I want to implore us to all learn intelligent, respectful, kind dialogue that is willing to think outside of boxes in search for truth.

Our good friends who’ve literally helped millions just had their three Twitter accounts removed…without warning…without reason.

They made world-class documentary series on alternative therapies for treating cancer as well as a deep dive look into the safety and efficiency of the current vaccines and vaccine schedule.

They have great relationships with many doctors—including my husband, David Jockers—as well as medical doctors, public health researchers, functional medicine doctors, homeopaths, immunologists, etc. They interviewed many individuals whose lives have seen REAL LIFE changes from alternative cancer treatments.

They also interviewed those who are both for and against vaccines, as a point of clarification. What each doctor had in common was a desire for safe and healthy children and adults.

Why have these Twitter accounts been removed?

Why are so many accounts and videos being removed? (This is only one example of so much of what I’ve seen lately.)

I’ve been thinking of this from a logical perspective. And I’ve come up with this: either big tech companies, such as Youtube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are:

1. Truly well-hearted and trying to steer people away from what they perceive as misinformation.


2. Have an agenda and want a certain narrative to get relayed to the masses. Think of the money that is at stake before dismissing this option. Sometimes following the money trail can be helpful.

Either way, what is your opinion of this type of blatant censorship?

In fairness, these companies are privately owned, and we must comply with the rules they’ve created. On the other hand, the common perception that most individuals have is that these are supposed to be neutral platforms with freedom of expression and/or researching.

Another caveat is this: why is child pornography still found on some of these platforms? Why is sexual trafficking used on some of these platforms? Why is hate speech and death threats allowed on some of these platforms? Bullying is rampant. So why target health freedom and truth seekers?

I believe it’s time for us to get a little bit uncomfortable and start sharing with others about this type of censorship that is taking place.

Some censorship I can understand. I understand the reasoning behind it IF it’s information that no one can question would be hurtful to others. But where there is ambiguity, people ought to be able to participate in critical thinking on their own.

I was quiet about this topic for so long. As I stated in a post a couple of weeks ago, Google changed its algorithms a year ago, and it affected us and David’s colleges in the natural health space immensely. Even though we followed all the “rules” of search engine optimization, us and many others saw overnight drops in search results by 90% after Google changed its settings. So yes, it’s affected our family and our online business, personally.

But now that I’m learning that truth is getting hidden from the public that could potentially save lives (ie cancer treatment options), I CAN’T BE SILENT ANYMORE.

Please pray over this if you’re a praying person. Or, please ponder it either way. Feel free to respond, but please do so with respect and kindness.

Being right is not what my aim is. We ought to always check ourselves and our motives. Are we trying to fight hard in order to feel good about ourselves and reaffirm our previously held presuppositions? Or are we, in humility and with honor toward others who disagree, seeking truth?


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