I wrote this poem years ago. I was hurt because I’d felt used by a guy. And I felt that so many men that I received attention from didn’t cherish the real person within me. I used to long for someone to cherish all of me. I wanted to have my heart pursued. It’s easy now for me to forget how painful that waiting season was for me. (I’ve also had to learn to forgive myself for some of the foolish choices I made, as I forgot my identity as a PRINCESS of the Most High God at times.)

If you’re in a waiting season, I encourage you to continue to become the best version of YOU and to grow more in more in love with God and with who God made YOU to be! It’s worth the wait! God’s timing is perfect. He knows you perfectly and knows your longings and hurts. His ways are so much higher than ours. 

“A Beautiful Body”

A beautiful body: That I’ve achieved…
For my own self, yes. But also ‘cause that’s all guys see.
A beautiful face, along with a smile
Guys like this, too, for a short while.

But my heart hurts, and my mind is confused.
Will no man treasure and choose to pursue
The person beneath the beautiful body?

A beautiful body is, indeed, a great thing,
But I’m waiting for the man who’ll see the treasure I bring.
Beauty does not come without a cost;
My body’s value ought not be lost.

But my beautiful body will not last,
And my face will wrinkle; my skin will sag.
But there’s a person beneath the beautiful body.

A beautiful body—it’s caused me much pain—
I’ve learned it’s all many men hope to gain.
And my charming face with piercing blue eyes,
No man has yet to despise.

But I’ve yet to meet the man of my dreams…
This man will love my body, but he’ll love all of me.
He’ll love the person beneath the beautiful body.

A beautiful body: I hope mine lasts long,
And I’ll delight my husband and fill him with my Song.
The bass-beat of my body…melody from my heart…
My mind is the composer, of each refrain and part.

I refuse to become jaded as I wait on you, my Dear.
And times like now, I confess that I hope you are near.
I long to give you all of me—the beautiful body—and all beneath.


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