I thought I’d share with you the first song I ever wrote. I was seven or eight years old, and I remember sitting up on my Mama’s bed one day and writing it with a grateful heart. It put a smile on my face to read my seven-year-old thoughts. The simplicity of my faith and thankful heart back then challenges me today. I hope that it will challenge you, too. I did not title it at the time, and I don’t recall the melody, though I’m sure I sang my little heart out! But here are the words… HappyThanksgiving! We’ve so much to be thankful for!

Angel Jockers (Fallon): First Song (updated—correctly spelt—addition) 🙂
Be thankful for everything God has made.  
He made you and me.  
I could be a dog, instead.  

Be thankful for everything that God put into the world.  
He could have made you a rat and me, too.  
So we should be thankful for everything.  

He made the stars, the trees, and fans.  
He is the One who created man.  
He is the only One that made anything that you see or feel or touch.  

He made the holy Bible, too.  
He made the fruit and pets and houses, too.  
He made me, and he made you, too!  

He loves you and me.  
And that we should see.  
And we should be thankful.  

He made the shoes and tissues—pocketbooks, too.  
He made me and you.  
And he loves you, and he loves me.  
And he loves you, and he loves me.  
And he is proud of me and you.  
And he is proud of me and you.  
And now… We’re through.  
Tu-doo!  Yea!


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