Hi! Some of you have been asking questions about products I use and companies I stand behind. I decided to make a blog post that has a list of a non-comprehensive list of products we love and brands we support! Please reach out with any questions!


I have created a list of products I love on Amazon.com! I do a lot of shopping there, as it is super convenient for me! On THIS LINK, you will see a non-comprehensive list that includes some of my favorite things!


This is a line of skin care, cosmetics, and baby care products that I stand behind. Their products are not purely organic. But their aim is to get the safest products that work the very best into your hands. Click THIS LINK to learn more and see the products this company sells.

To learn more about why it matters which products you apply to your skin, read THIS ARTICLE I wrote a few years ago. To learn about more safe beauty care options, read THIS ARTICLE I wrote.


Dry Farms Wine

Do you love wine but hate the fact that most wine sold in the US has added preservatives, sugar, and leaves you feeling icky and with high blood sugar afterwards? Try out this brand we love! Dry Farm Wines has gone the extra mile. Their wine is keto-friendly, does not spike your blood sugar or leave you with hangovers. It’s organic, tasty, and healthy. Click on THIS LINK to learn more and try out your “penny bottle” today!

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

Bone broth is excellent for health and for beauty. Read THIS ARTICLE my husband wrote on why it’s so good for you! You can make your own at home, which is excellent! But if you prefer to purchase a pre-made kind, THIS is the one we recommend.


Do you love to bake? Do you love sweet goodies to snack on? Do you love keeping your sugar low and the way it makes you feel, but miss the options you once had? We’ve found a great solution for you! Lakanto is a newer brand that users monk fruit to make delicious sweetener alternatives! We’ve used their maple syrup, chocolate spread, coffee sweeteners, matcha lattè, liquid sweeteners, monk fruit extract, etc. You will love it and never want to go back! (Also… Enter “Jockers’ upon check-out to receive a 20% discount on your order!)

My Green Fills

THIS is the laundry detergent that my family uses. It is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. I’ve not found a single other company that offers all three of these components. We love using My Green Fills for all our laundry needs!

Paleo On The Go

Click on THIS LINK to learn more about this company that delivers pre-made, CLEAN food right to your front door! (Also, if you’re a first-time customer, be sure to enter “DRJOCKERS” upon checkout to receive $15 off!)

Sleep Lady

With our twins, we got very little sleep the first seven months of their lives! We felt that we were in a survival mode and running on fumes! For a while, I would take a shift from 10pm-4am and wake up (from a very light sleep) around 6-8 times. My wonderful husband would then take a shift from 4am-9am and allow me to get some deep sleep as he took over the boys while working from home. It was an absolutely exhausting season of our lives!

Then we learned about sleep training! We took the plunge, paid for a $70 program, and within a week, our boys were literally sleeping through the night. It felt amazing to us as parents! The approach we used with our twins was in the middle of a cry-it-out method and a gentle approach. However, since then, I’ve learned of a new company I like better. It’s a more gentle approach, and that feels more congruent with me. If you are a parent trying to figure out how to get your baby to sleep, THIS is what I would recommend to you.




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