When you hear the word, peppermint, what comes to mind? My first thoughts would have been candy cane and chewing gum a few years ago. I had no idea that peppermint was derived from a leaf in nature, and this was because I never took the time to question its origins. I didn’t learn to question my food or my beauty or  medicinal products. Now I am learning to think for myself and to ask the right questions.

What do you think of when you hear peppermint? I think of peppermint essential oil right away! I wrote an article about 7 of my favorite benefits of using peppermint essential oil HERE on my husband’s awesome website! I will list these seven benefits on my blog below.

  1. Improve your focus
  2. Naseau-relief
  3. Revitalize your day
  4. Boost your energy
  5. Headache-relief
  6. Essentially delicious (Click HERE to see the full article that includes recipes that use peppermint essential oil.)
  7. An active fever-fighter

Be sure to check out my full-length article HERE to learn more!


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