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The further down life’s journey I travel, the more I am growing to realize that the path toward true, peace-filled joy, is truly simplistic to travel on—so simplistic that it’s quite profound.

The path to true happiness is found in loving well. I really think it’s as simple as that. But before we can love well, we first need to learn what love—real love—is. And the best way to learn, I’m growing to discover, is to open wide your heart to the love God has and wants to pour onto you.

I was running at a park yesterday, and though it was sunny outside, I pretended I was running in the rain, and the imaginary rain was God’s love pouring down upon me. And then I started to imagine that not only was I immersed in a downpour of rain, but I also found myself engulfed in a huge wave… I was running in an ocean in which I didn’t sink…and with the rain pouring down upon its waves. But my lungs didn’t need oxygen—oxygen was inside of this ocean. This ocean represented God’s great love that I just cannot fathom or contain.

That’s where true joy comes from. First you have to trust God enough to open up your heart to him. And once you do, little by little, do not be surprised if you cannot help but to start sprinkling drops of that love onto others.

This love… It makes you happy.


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