Interestingly, I wrote this about 3 1/2 years ago. I realized I was ready to move forward and pursue my dreams and stop putting life on hold or living frozen by fear. I took the first step… Then my deepest dreams came true, and my life became a whirlwind for a while! Within a couple years of deciding I was ready to be and do all that God had for me, I ended up meeting the Love of my life, I moved into a house, got married, had twin baby boys, and even purchased a mini van, haha! (I used to say I’d NEVER drive a mini van. LOL!)

Once I took a step, God gave me surprise steps in my journey! He surprised me far greater than I would have asked or hoped for.

Now I need to revisit this book-writing dream, once again. But at least I’m now starting somewhere… writing on my blog!

Pursue your dreams! Take that first step! God will guide you as you go!


I’ve decided it’s time to write a book. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years now. I’ve kept on putting it off, though. Last night, I finally was able to understand why.

I saw the writing project as a blank canvas. I knew that God’s equipped me with the necessary tools and gifts and passion to write well. Like a painter with creative ability being handed a colorful array of acrylics and brushes, God has placed within my mind and life experiences a vibrant Story that is ‘itching’ to be ‘painted’…but with keystrokes.

But I have been frozen and paralyzed with fear. What I realized last night is the cause behind my fear of analogously painting my first brush stroke is my fear of the unknown and my fear of screwing up. I’ve wanted to create a masterpiece. I want my work to be applauded…and eventually sold. I was afraid of beginning my creative work because I did not know what the end goal was supposed to look like. I do not prefer painting free-style. I prefer plans. I had to relinquish some vanity.

I learned a valuable lesson in an art class I partook of a few months ago. I learned that a beautiful thing about art is that beauty truly is in the eye of its beholder. I also learned that you can begin…and end up with something completely different than what you’d anticipated.

I also learned about “juicy painting,” LOL, which is a term that refers to layering paint colors on top of one another in order to create a unique visual effect that appears to be three-dimensional. The cool thing with it is that you are free to cover up anything you have already created by layering over it. It ends up uniquely beautiful in the end, too.

God helped me realize that all I need to do is simply start writing. I will always have a blank canvas unless and until I make my first stroke. Well, here’s my first stroke. It’s green, as I am a novice and am creating something new. It’s narrow, since I’m still stepping out of timidity and into boldness. But it’s a bold and perky shade of Spring green. And it’s not a boring straight line that’s hidden on the edge of my canvas. It’s a curvy line that wiggles through the page. There’s no turning back now. My canvas is invaded.

Those of you reading this, please pray for God to guide my thoughts and that He will organize them in a way that will best inspire others, please me, and make God look like the good God that He is.

It’s time to make some juicy creative work.


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